Consumers are demanding multi-sensory experiences!

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Consumers are demanding multi-sensory experiences from their drinks and more than ever are looking for something distinctive and memorable. And alcohol free. It is worth considering the rising number of people looking for a credible alternative to alcohol with statistics showing that one in five people are now choosing to be tee-total.


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More so than ever the cash-strapped time poor millennials are opting to socialise in the mornings so non-alcoholic alternatives are becoming more popular than ever. Marry that with the continuance of the heightened health awareness with more and more decent alcohol-free alternatives finding their way on to the bar menu in the burgeoning cocktail scene; this really is something worth adding to your repertoire.


The easier way to manage this is by creating a drink that tastes and looks just as good with or without alcohol and this is going to appeal to the abstainers by offering the same experience as their drinking counterparts. Move with the times and ignore this at your peril as apparently teenagers are drinking 50% less compared to 2003, meaning that tomorrow’s customers and a large chunk of the population will be not just be looking for a healthier, no alcohol alternative; they will expect them.


Sphered Mocktails are an interesting innovation and one to consider. Suspended inside a partially frozen drained ice sphere, they are then cracked table-side and left to morph into your customers’ drinks into something truly special; keeping drinks cold and serving up memorable moments at your bar. Transform your drink offerings and make them the centre of attention of your bar, daring to be different and creative and making the moments your customers will talk about and share with their social network.

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Mixer growth is also showing no signs of slowing down with the on trade, being driven by the increasing popularity of cocktails and mocktails. Be inventive with mocktail ingredients using innovative new flavour combinations such as Black Cherry with Tarragon, Lemon Ginger and Jasmine and Cucumber from our Craft Sodas range.

Plus consider offering different textures with great tasting mocktails made with refreshing Slush, ideal for the summer months. Popular flavours include Watermelon, Strawberries & Cream, Tropical, Pink Lemonade and many more. Plus there’s 99% fruit and ice drinks that not only satisfy the tee-totallers but also appeal to the health conscious as these drinks count as one of your five a day.

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Although we don’t expect non-alcoholic drinks to replace alcoholic ones it is worth carving out a niche for them to cater for growing consumer demand.


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