Milkshake Syrups Wholesale

Simpsons Beverages supply milkshake syrups wholesale, in bulk. 

Our customers include dairies, milk processing plants, large chains of fast-food restaurants, ice cream parlours and milkshake bars across the UK and around the globe.  

Our MOQ is 500L per flavour which makes circa 3000 litres RTD.

Popular Milkshake
Syrup Flavours

Our classic, premium quality, milkshake syrup flavours include strawberry, chocolate, banana and vanilla.  They typically form the core of any flavoured milk range.

If you are looking to really differentiate your flavoured milk brand or chain of outlets why not trial a limited-edition flavour from our ever-growing luxury range. 

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Luxury Milkshake
Syrup Flavours

Our flavours include:

• Coffee • Blueberry • Chocolate Orange
• Blonde Chocolate • Banoffee • Gingerbread
• After Dinner Mint • Butterscotch and Banana
• Gingerbread and Cinnamon • Salted Caramel
• Rose • Black Cherry • Caramel
• Irish Cream • Salted Caramel and White Chocolate 

We also offer festive flavours which means it’s never too early to start planning your Christmas flavoured milk range:

• Mince Pie •Christmas Pudding

Ideal for attracting consumers looking to treat themselves to a touch of indulgence. And the good news is that luxury flavours, command luxury prices which means they (are likely to) have a much healthier retail margin.

Ideal for attracting consumers looking to treat themselves to a touch of indulgence. And the good news is that luxury flavours, command luxury prices which means they (are likely to) have a much healthier retail margin.

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Bespoke milkshake syrup flavours developed by request

At Simpsons we have been continually defining the standards in milkshake syrup development and formulation since 1934.  As thought leaders in the drinks flavour space, our NPD specialists are here to help you create new milkshake syrup flavours unique to your brand, enabling you to quickly capitalise on the very latest flavour trends.  Perfect to appeal to the growing number of consumers keen to try new and exciting taste sensations.

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly

All our milkshake syrups are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.  In addition, they taste just as delicious when mixed with plant-based alternatives such as soya, oat or almond milk.  What’s more, they are gluten-free too!

Mango Milkshake Syrups

Our great tasting Mango Milkshake Syrup flavour is also exceptionally popular. It can make an interesting and unusual addition to your flavoured milk range, with a taste reminiscent of the popular Indian classic drink ‘Lassi’.

Commercial milkshake syrup, supplied ready for mixing

Our milkshake syrups are supplied ready for mixing, making them quick and easy to serve in fast food restaurants, ice cream parlours and milkshake bars.  Simply blend with milk or thick shake mix.

A drinks manufacturer you can depend on

With 90 years’ experience in drinks development and manufacturing, Simpsons Beverages is a name you can trust.

We always put our customers first, delivering outstanding customer service that you can rely on.

All our products are made to order, maximising shelf life, and our lead times are amongst the best in the industry.

Popular with dairies and milk processing plants

Milkshake syrups provide an easy solution for farmers looking to diversify and add value to white milk.  Simply blend the milkshake syrup into the milk at your milk processing plant before bottling.  The shelf life is the same a fresh milk.  Our syrups are also perfect for using with milk vending machines too.

No added sugar
milkshake syrup range

We also offer no added sugar alternatives for all our milkshake syrups.  Adding these to your offering is perfect to appeal to the growing number of consumers working to reduce their sugar intake.

A variety of pack sizes to suit your requirements

All our milkshake syrups are available in a selection of commercial pack sizes to suit your needs:

Pack Type

Case Size


1L Bottle


50 Cases

2L Jar


5L Jar


40 Cases

5L Jar


20 Cases

5L Bag in box


68 Cases

10L Bag in box


34 Cases

Alternatively, for high volume manufacturing we can supply milkshake syrup in 25 litre, 200 litre and 1000 litre bag in box TOSCA, perfect for dairies and milk processing plants. The good news for the environment is that our packaging is recyclable too!

Exceptional product quality and consistency guaranteed

We hold the BRCGS grade AA* certification for food safety, which ensures consistency in every batch we produce. What’s more, we purchase our raw materials from suppliers who hold one of the GFSI recognised certifications. 

All our products are blended from only the finest ingredients. We only source materials of the highest quality, from the top flavour houses and suppliers. In addition, all water used in our manufacturing process is triple filtered to remove all impurities and chlorine, before passing through an ultra-violet filter.  

Finally, our exceptional levels of quality control means that every batch we produce undergoes rigorous testing.  

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