Bag in Box Cordial

Our bag in box cordial range is a popular choice for drink brands, wholesalers and large hospitality chains who are keen to offer a comprehensive post mix solution. 

Supplied wholesale in bulk, our MOQ is 500 litres/flavour (circa 3000 litres RTD). 

Wholesale bag in box cordials

This product is ideal for venues already enjoying the many benefits that post mix brings.  Whether it’s the convenience of serving straight from the bar gun, the reduced storage requirements behind the bar, the potential for larger profit margins, or simply stocking a more environmentally friendly drinks solution, the positives are many.

Bag in box cordial flavours

It may come as no surprise that our most popular flavours in our bag in box cordial range are:

Orange, Blackcurrant and Lime

Each delivering a premium quality taste when served as a spirit mixer or simply diluted with water.

Choice of pack sizes
Select either 5L or 10L packs according to your customer requirements. All packs are supplied labelled with your brand. Printed boxes are also available for a small extra fee.

Choice of pack sizes
Select either 5L or 10L packs according to your customer requirements. All packs are supplied labelled with your brand. Printed boxes are also available for a small extra fee.

We can develop flavours unique to your drink brand

Today’s fashionable dilutable flavours stretch beyond the popular classics with the likes of raspberry and lemon or blueberry and blackcurrant adding a modern twist.  Our experienced team of creative mixologists and flavourists can work with you to develop a range of premium flavours tailored specifically for your brand or outlets, taking your offering to a whole new level of sophistication.  You can order with confidence, with samples delivered to you for approval within a matter of days, you can rest assured that we are on hand to help you deliver your product to market quickly and easily.

A reliable drinks manufacturer

With 90 years’ experience in drinks development and manufacturing, Simpsons Beverages is a name you can trust. We are BRCGS accredited for food safety, which means you can be assured of consistency in every batch we produce. 

All our products are made to order, maximising shelf life, and our lead times are amongst the best in the industry.  Our products are made from only the finest ingredients.  Even our water is triple filtered to remove impurities and chlorine then passes through an ultra-violet filter before use. 

We go the extra mile for our customers

At Simpsons we always put our customers first, delivering outstanding customer service and technical support that you can depend on.

Post mix cordial bag in box

All our post mix syrup is supplied in 5L or 10L bag in box labelled with your brand. Just send us your logo and our in-house team will design your labels for you. Printed boxes are available for large volume orders.

Sugar free post mix syrup

Never before has consumer attention been more focused on their health and well-being. Sugar tops the list of nutritional concerns with 47% of consumers actively working to minimise their sugar intake.*(Mintel) At Simpsons, sugar-free or ‘diet’ alternatives are available for all our post mix syrup flavours. We also offer the option of sweetening with Stevia, a 100% natural alternative with zero calories.

Sugar tax compliant post mix syrup

Keen to avoid the sugar-tax?  Our hybrid post mix syrup range may be the right fit for your drink brand.  It has a lower sugar content than our standard post mix syrup, without compromising on taste and performs exceptionally well against full-sugar products in blind taste tests.

A sustainable drink solution

Our bag-in-box post mix syrups are 100% recyclable (in component form) which ensures an environmentally sound solution without compromising on taste.  The use of a post mix machine means a decrease in raw material and time with the added benefit of reducing the use of single use plastics.

Additionally, the product is supplied as a concentrate, meaning transport related CO2 is reduced by up to 7 times!  At a time when a company’s ethical and environmental standpoint is increasingly influencing consumer purchasing behaviour, these credentials can only have a positive influence.

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