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We love developing drinks, tell us the flavour and we’ll develop it.  We have a wealth of experience in developing alcoholic drinks, flavoured waters & soft drinks, health drinks, flavourings for gins, flavourings for vodkas, flavourings for liqueurs and many more!

With our experience, expertise, passion and integrity in beverage development, here at Simpsons Beverages we believe that creativity and innovation are key to achieving your commercial aims. We develop & match drinks for brand owners, retailers & distributors in the UK and throughout Europe.



We have recently developed a beautiful gin range for a brand owner, with unique flavour combinations such as blueberry & vanilla, chilli & ginger, caraway & black pepper, pomegranate & elderflower.  With the Gin boom these drinks are flying off the shelves and the gin lovers can’t get enough of it.  We have experience in producing exclusive flavourings for liqueurs such as butterscotch, coconut, raspberry ripple, salted caramel, all that’s stopping you is your imagination!  Whether it be floral notes to your garden lemonade, subtle fruitiness to your Gin, distinctive aromatic spices to your rum; we have the expertise to turn your idea into reality.  We really are a nurturing partner who can support your idea from innovative concept all the way through to production of your new, bespoke beverage range, complete enquiry now and we would be delighted to discuss this with you!


We can help you formulate new, or match existing drinks concepts with comprehensive product development; breaking the mould of convention whilst still stringently adhering to legislation, with a sampling and matching service to ensure confidence and satisfaction. All products can be supplied in various pack sizes and materials, ready for bottling. We have the solution for your entire range of soft drinks, from traditional products to new and exciting innovations.  We would love to hear from you!  

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