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Although a relatively new concept, fruit cider now accounts for one third of total sales in the cider category (Weston’s Cider Report 2018).  It has grown by over 330% since 2006 and industry experts predict that it will account for almost half of sales in the UK market by 2023, as its popularity shows no signs of slowing.


Currently 90% of all fruit ciders in the UK are flavoured with berries or dark fruits.  They are enjoyed by  both men and women alike.  Their sweeter taste offer the perfect introduction to the category for new cider drinkers.

Fruit cider sales are currently strongest within the on-trade.  Here they account for 36% of total cider sales, estimated to be worth £715 million annually.  It also boasts the highest rate of growth within the off-trade (11%).  This is in stark contrast to its more traditional counterparts, apple and pear cider, which experienced falling sales last year both in terms of value and volume.


Continued Innovation is Key

The continued rise in popularity of fruit cider combined with the fact that consumers are becoming increasingly adventurous means it is vital that fruit cider brands differentiate themselves by creating something a bit different.  Giving consumers new ways to enjoy their drink of choice has never been more important.

Here at Simpsons we have a wealth of experience in creating exciting new cider flavours using natural ingredients and complex flavour compounds.  In this time of mass marketing and heavy competition, innovation is vital in order to stand out.  There is no better way to lift the cider category to new heights by creating a special tasting fruit cider to suit any time of day or year.  Ready to discuss your flavoured cider project?  Get in touch here.


Experts in Fruit Cider Compounds

Once considered a passing trend, it is undeniable that fruit cider is here to stay.  Why not read our blog for further insights.

At Simpsons, we develop and match new cider flavours for brand owners, retailers and distributors in the UK and worldwide.  All cider compounds are available for supply in various pack sizes, ready for bottling.  Why not choose from our popular flavours of Rhubarb, Strawberry & Kiwi, Mango or Dark Fruit?  Alternatively you can work with us to develop your own bespoke flavoured cider range.

Are you thinking about adding some excitement to your cider brand with new and innovative flavours?  Get in touch with our team today.

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