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Where alcohol is concerned the boom in gin has been the big news of recent years. And we don’t expect gin’s popularity to diminish. Yet the latest trends in the fashionable spirit are focused on flavoured and fragrant gins, in the pink, coloured and savoury categories as consumers continue to seek new flavours and gin experiences. According to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, flavoured gins generated sales of £165m in 2018, up a whopping 751% on the previous 12 months.


With a readiness to try new flavours, coupled with gin’s continuing rise in popularity, gin brands should consider creating something a bit different, giving consumers new ways to enjoy their spirit of choice. Popular flavoured gins & liqueurs include fruits (such as raspberry and orange), floral (such as violet and rose), or spices (such as ginger and cinnamon). Here at Simpsons we have a wealth of experience in creating exciting new flavours for alcohol using natural ingredients and complex flavours.  In this time of mass marketing and heavy competition it is important to continuously innovate to stand out and there is no better way than lifting the flavour of this nation’s favourite to new heights by creating a special tasting tipple to suit any time of day or year.

UNIQUE flavoured GINS

The latest in gin flavours to excite taste buds include Sacred’s Christmas Pudding Gin, The Wrecking Coast Distillery Cornish Clotted Cream Gin, Edinburgh Valentines Botanical Gin, Liverpool Gin’s Valencian Orange and J.J. Whitley’s Elderflower Gin. Another fine creative flavour is Craft Ink Gin from Australia, a stunning violet gin which is incredibly striking and Instagrammable. This gin is made from butterfly pea blossom, another all natural ingredient yet it has a clear standout. Butterfly pea is a colour-changing gin that goes from a breathtaking indigo to a soft pink!  Without doubt, Pink Gin is at the centre of the UK’s Gin category, driving much of the growth in the UK Gin Market last year.  Once the name of an old cocktail of gin and bitters, today’s Pink Gin category now literally includes any Gin that is pink in colour, from rhubarb or redcurrant to raspberry or strawberry.

Read more about what’s driving the Pink Ginaissance in our latest blog.  

perfect for ready to drink refreshment

We also offer a variety of flavour compounds for ready-to-drink cocktails and mixers.  Choose from classic favourites such as Gin & Tonic or Pink Gin & Lemonade or for a modern twist: Rose Lemon & Gin, Ginger Ale & Gin or Cucumber Tonic with Gin.


We love experimenting with flavours at Simpsons Beverages and our Liquid Innovation range of flavourings for alcoholic drinks including liqueurs and gins will inspire and excite even the most educated of taste buds. Plus you can also take a look at how we created two unique cocktail-inspired pre-mixed gin flavours for a reputable gin brand. At Simpsons we can help you formulate your perfect drink. Be the origin of the next big flavour and contact us today. We’ll drink to that!

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