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Flavoured gin sales in the UK show no signs of slowing, increasing by 37% over the 12 months to the end of March ’21 – that equates to an amazing 30 million bottles!  Furthermore, flavoured gin now accounts for around 40% of the total UK gin market, in terms of volume and value – a share that is expected to increase further in the future (WSTA).

Innovation is Key to gaining a competitive advantage    

At Simpsons our New Product Development team are experts when it comes to creating bespoke flavours for gin and gin liqueurs (typically 20% ABV).  The category continues to welcome a plethora of new product launches.  Therefore, continued innovation has never been more critical to ensure your flavoured gin brand can differentiate itself.

Popular gin Flavours

Popular flavours for gin & gin liqueurs often centre around fruits such as raspberry and orange, or more recently watermelon and passionfruit.  Floral flavours (such as violet and rose), or spices (such as ginger and cinnamon) also remain fashionable options.

New & Exciting gin Flavours

Today’s consumer is increasingly attracted to different experiences and unusual flavours, not to mention a wide choice.  Flavoured gin ticks all the right boxes.  The NPD team at Simpsons can help you to get creative with attention grabbing flavours, guaranteed to delight the most discerning of palates.  You may be looking to introduce braver and bolder flavours to your range.  Perhaps you are looking for some Asian inspiration.  Alternatively, you may wish to develop some new flavours to reflect the current health and wellness mega trend.  Whatever concept you have in mind, from the sophisticated to the downright crazy, our mixology experts can work with you every step of the way to create your perfect flavours for gin.

Ready to Drink Cocktails on the Rise 

Adding some gin based ready to drink cocktails to your range couldn’t be easier with a little help from the team at Simpsons.  We can work with you to develop almost any flavour you have in mind.  Choose from popular classics such as G&T or Pink Gin & Lemonade.  Alternatively we can create a unique range specifically for your brand.  The combinations are almost limitless!  Get in touch with our mixology team today to discuss your next project.

premixed FLAVOUR compounds make it Easy for you

Our flavours for gin are supplied as premixed liquid compounds.  These solutions comprise all the ingredients you need to produce your drink.  Simply add water and mix with gin before packing.  With no need to manage many different ingredients, with various lead times and expiry dates, it could not be more straightforward!  An easy solution for medium to large sized distilleries looking to scale-up production.

A drink development team you can trust

Simpsons Beverages are proud sponsors of the World Gin Awards 2021 and 2022.  With over 85 year’s experience in drink development we are a name you can trust when it comes to creating your perfect flavours for gin.   Get in touch today, we could help your brand be the origin of the next big flavour.  We’ll drink to that!

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