Introducing our new MAPLE flavoured syrup!

Its rich, tasty and totally delicious!

MAPLE SYRUP - Simpsons Beverages

Years after xylem sap was first collected from maple trees by natives of North America in the 19th century, maple syrup has become synonymous with the all American and Canadian dessert.  Maple products are now hugely popular across the globe, and here at Simpsons we’re delighted to introduce our new Maple Flavoured Syrup!

We developed this exciting new product to meet the growing trend of all things “dessert” – new drinks and desserts, waffle houses and dessert bars are just some of the new ways in which Maple Syrup can continue to make its impact.

Our Maple Flavoured Syrup is packed in 5L containers and has a 12-month shelf life. A versatile ingredient, Maple Flavoured Syrup is a popular choice for many tantalising recipes in the new trends of desserts and drinks.

Waffling your way to a Maple Syrup delightMAPLE SYRUP















Waffles and maple flavoured syrup have always been natural combinations. The increasing popularity of waffles and waffle houses has been borne out of a demand for decadent, sociable dining in groups and families, without having to eat a full meal beforehand.

Simpsons’ Maple Flavoured Syrup would be a valuable ingredient for waffle houses, both for the traditionalists and contemporary diners looking for something different. The same applies to pancakes and pancake houses which are also still incredibly popular for similar markets.

Coffee Culture and Smoothies


The maple frappe is said to be Canada’s favourite smoothie. Increasingly popular in coffee shops across Europe, frappes and smoothies have certainly made their mark. Simpsons’ Maple Flavoured Syrup is an ingredient that complements many other flavours to combine and create delicious cold drinks.

Choose Simpsons’ for an intercontinental blend of deliciousness!

We have North America to thank for discovering maple sap and its production, and Australia has now brought us the freakshake! This combination of milkshake, cake, sauce and sweets is becoming increasingly popular across Europe in line with the rise in number of dessert bars.


Freakshakes are visually appealing and therefore a great hit with Instagram users, wanting their followers to be in awe – or jealous of – the sweet mountainous delight that sits before them, just before they indulge. Simpsons maple flavoured syrup will be a fabulous addition to any freakshake being shared across social media.

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One product, multiple uses. Whether our Maple Flavoured Syrup is of interest to your business as an ingredient for pancakes, waffles, ice-cream, freakshakes, milkshakes, frappes or your own innovative creation, contact us for a sample today! Your customers will thank you for it!

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