What are the advantages of serving post mix drinks?

March 21, 2022

benefits of post mix drinks

As post mix drinks continue to revolutionise the way in which drinks are served, did you know the advantages of serving them are huge?


Post mix drinks are an environmentally friendly option

Post mix drinks can enable hospitality venues to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and offset emissions through the use of post mix machines. Not only does the use of a post mix machine mean less product and time wastage, but it presents a reduction in the use of packaging and product plastics that are associated with the alternatives. There is a further added benefit that the products being concentrated reduce transportation related CO2 by up to 7 times!

Consumer buying decisions are continuously influenced by their environmental views and the need to match ethical standpoints; making eco-friendly packaging and reducing transportation C02 a key consideration in every drink; without, of course, compromising on the serve.


An easy way to offer consumers a wide choice

Aside from the popular classic flavours, this wide-ranging category has grown far beyond classic carbonates over a number of years.  It now includes cordials, juice drinks and sports & energy drinks together with slush, cocktail and even milkshake syrups – not to mention countless sugar free alternatives appealing to today’s increasingly sugar conscious consumer.  With such a wide variety of flavours across a broad range of categories, bars and restaurants alike have the opportunity to offer customers a wide-ranging drinks menu, all served through the convenience of the bar gun.


Post mix drinks improve efficiency and increase profits

By switching to post mix drinks, bars and restaurants alike are able to streamline operations, removing the need to move heavy cases of bottles and cans from storage to bar areas.  This not only saves vital shelf space for the products that are only available in bottles, but also reduces the cost of running countless fridges which need staff to continually restock them.


Introducing Simpsons bag in box post mix syrups

Simpsons bag in box post mix syrups are 100% recyclable (in component form) which ensures an environmentally sound solution without compromising on taste.  Available in a wide choice of flavours across multiple drinks categories they offer an easy solution for venues looking to serve a broad choice to consumers.  Get in touch to discuss your requirements, we would love to hear from you.

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