Drinks from around the world

January 23, 2024

Drinks from around the world

Exploring the drinks from around the world offering escapism to UK consumers this year

Escapism is on the menu for 2024. Consumers are seeking out ways to transport themselves away from their troubles and foods and drinks from around the world are an ideal way to do this. From traditional, familiar favourites like Italian treats to growing trends like Mexican flavours, a range of global cuisines are inspiring interest in new drinks.

For budget-conscious shoppers, international drinks offer an affordable way to experiment and adventure – think wine flights over air flights. And for the conscious consumer, international flavours and creations offer moments of joy and feelings of connection to other cultures.

As such, a range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks from around the world will become, or influence, 2024 drinks trends – most notably, Italian, American and Mexican offerings:

Italian inspired drinks trends

For familiar drinks from around the world, Italy offers an ideal first port of call. The country’s cuisine, culture and history all offer rich inspiration. Italian foods and drinks are instantly recognisable, offering comfort in times of turmoil.

This familiarity means Italian drinks suit the wider drinks trend for experiential drinking too; allowing consumers to experiment with drinks concepts using familiar tastes and ingredients. This will help Granita to grow through 2024. The semi-frozen dessert, originally from Sicily, has a texture distinct from ice cream or sorbet and can carry a range of flavours. It is made by freezing sugar, water and flavourings, or freezing fruit puree. The Granita could be created as a new fruit slush, as an easy, familiar and flavourful summer treat.

Simpsons Beverages - Campari Spritz

Hot on the heels of the Aperol Spritz and Hugo Spritz, 2024 will be the year of the Campari Spritz. Combining three parts prosecco, two parts Campari and one part soda, it steps up the bittersweet flavours and bright colours of Aperol. Campari already lends its intense taste – from signature spicy citrus flavours – to the popular Negroni, so offers an elevated alternative to the now-‘forever favourite’ Aperol. The Campari Spritz’s popularity could be accelerated as a ready-to-drink cocktail, appealing to drinkers thanks to its familiarity and full flavour.

All-American drinks ideas

Nothing says comfort and indulgence quite like a classic American dish. From deep dish cream pies to meatloaf, burgers and hot dogs, while these treats typically go big, consumers now are prioritising big taste over the bells and whistles of presentation – just look at the rise of fast casual dining and QSRs. Easy-eat foods can be elevated with drinks, instead.

Simpsons Beverages - American Root Beer

American favourites like flavoured lemonades, cream sodas and root beers are expected to be some of the non-alcoholic drinks from around the world accompanying food orders this year. Cream soda flavours could be added to flavoured beers or injected into milkshakes or coffees using flavoured syrups.

Must-have Mexican drinks

Now that Mexican drinks and dishes are such a staple, people are keen to try out not just the traditional versions but also their modern interpretations or more complex creations – look at the rise of Mezcal thanks to Tequila’s repositioning.

Agave cocktails are anticipated to be one of the biggest of the alcoholic drinks from around the world being ordered across the UK this year. Sales of the two Mexican spirits are still soaring thanks to their versatility with complementary flavours and mixers. Agave cocktails could become the new go-to for ready-to-drink offerings, transporting drinkers to another culture and climate.

Simpsons Beverages - Agua Frescas

Agua Fresca is the other Mexican favourite tipped to trend in 2024. The cooling drink – traditionally made by blending fresh fruit with water and sugar – is the ideal way to wash down spicy foods. It also suits drinks trends for all-natural, alcohol-free and flavourful drinks. It could be reworked as a simple juice or fruit slush.

Tepache is another Mexican tipple making waves around the world. It is made by fermenting pineapple peel and rind, before being sweetened with sugar and seasoned with cinnamon and served cold as a sweet, low ABV drink. Tepache’s flavour could be replicated and combined with complementary Mexican spirits or even beers, creating a refreshing ready-to-drink cocktail.

Add drinks from around the world to your range

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