Drink Trends July 2023

July 6, 2023

Drink trends July 23

Drink trends July 2023 are influenced by both the warmer weather and the difficult economic climate.

Long hot summer days and tighter budgets for most mean value-for-money options like cordial and affordable little luxuries like iced drinks are trending.

And ongoing wellness trends have influenced the latest product launches. Lower ABV alcopops and energy-boosting soft drinks will appeal to those wanting refreshments without the hangover, or with added functionality.

Iced drinks are here for summer (and beyond)

Summer’s arrived, bringing iced drinks that are cooler and more creative than ever.

Sales of chilled beverages are rising globally, according to Business Insider. The fact these creations are often limited-edition releases or feature big, bold, seasonal flavours means there’s always a buzz about them.

This season, an array of classic and unusual ingredients are on offer.

iced drinks

Chocolate, coffee, mocha and matcha continue to be firm favourites. Independent and chain coffee shops alike are creating creamy chocolate frappes, cookie-flavoured iced coffees, swalty iced mochas, and decadently topped iced matchas.

Cherry iced latte

Fruity flavours are being used across a range of iced drinks too, like citrus iced teas, cherry iced lattes, and peachy Earl Grey frappuccinos.

Of course, tropical fruits are best suited to these summer drinks – transporting drinkers with their bold flavours and vivid colours. The Mexican-inspired Mangonada – a mango smoothie mixed with spices – offers international appeal while coconut offers a dairy-free alternative for iced coffees, and banana can be blended into smoothies, milkshakes, and coffees.

Combining a range of summer staples, iced drinks are increasingly using floral flavours and garnishes too, like lavender cold brews or cherry blossom iced teas.

Frozen Fanta Slushie

And for the kids – or big kids – there are slushies. From nostalgic cola ‘brain freezers’ to vibrant berry-based drinks made using real fruits, for a healthy boost, these iced drinks are a must-have on hot days.

Cordial is growing in popularity

Staying hydrated is in vogue, driven by both beauty and wellness trends and economic pressures.

Cordial is growing, as squashes suit consumers needing to watch their spending in the cost-of-living crisis. Cordials offer good value for money, particularly over premade drinks, and now often offer added functional qualities or trendier flavours too.

For a real bargain, some consumers are even foraging and DIYing their cordials and presses, using fruits, florals and leaves found locally.

floral flavoured cordial

The variety of flavours suitable for cordials is helping the category. Floral-flavoured presses offer an affordable little luxury while spicy or herbal notes enhance classic fruit flavours, making squash feel sophisticated.

Tropical or berry flavours are natural go-tos for those using cordial to make sure they drink enough water.

Water is being enhanced on social media too. So-called #WaterTok has seen Americans rustle up water ‘recipes’ on TikTok, adding drinks powders and syrups to water in a bid to stay hydrated and healthy. While the high sugar and additives content in some of these might cancel out some of the proclaimed health benefits, the bid to stay refreshed is still the same.

water enhancers

For genuine functional benefits, water enhancers are the best way. The global market for water enhancers is growing, with health-focused creations leading this. These concentrated drops add flavour and a boost of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to glasses of water.

Latest drinks launches

Recent drink launches pick up on the latest drink trends in a variety of ways – energising soft drinks and refining alcoholic drinks to suit wellness trends or encourage new usage occasions.

Flavoured alcoholic beverages from the brand VK have been reimagined to suit wellness trends for UK consumers. The new Berries and Lime flavours of VK & Soda are zero sugar and just 69 calories and 3.4% ABV per can.  Whilst Hooch has extended its UK range to include ‘Blue Hooch’ which combines pineapple, mango and lime flavours.

caffeinated lemonades

In the US, Loverboy has launched a new, low ABV too. The Limoncello Spritz is sparkling, zesty but light too. Drinkers in the US are also enjoying Shake Shack’s new range of energy-boosting Caffeinated Lemonades.

Red Bull has developed a ‘hybrid’ version of its classic energy drink. The Energy Soda boosts energy and quenches thirst, and is now available in Thailand.

mint pepsi

Continuing its creation of flavoured varieties for Japanese consumers to pair with foods, Pepsi’s new mint-flavoured drinks have been developed to be enjoyed alongside Japanese fried noodles.

Set the next drinks industry trends

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Image source: The Food People 2023

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