Drink Trends July 2022

July 12, 2022

dirty sodas

There are many factors that contribute to the emergence and growth of trends – from cultural and social to economic and geographical. As consumers adapt to the changing economic landscape, drink trends are changing to suit this, as the latest trends demonstrate.

Martinis are on the menu for more drinkers this summer. Suiting experiential and extravagant drinking, these intensely-flavoured cocktails are a growing drink trend, appealing to the seasoned G&T drinkers as well as the adventurous seeking extra kick from their cocktails.

Comparatively, dirty sodas are the growing beverage trend for drinkers seeking alcohol-free fun. Fizzy sodas filled with sweet syrups, bold colours and chunky fruit have been going ‘viral’ after being shared on socials by a popstar.

As important as what drinkers are enjoying, is where it’s being enjoyed. Hotel bars are the new venue of choice for consumers seeking luxury and adventure that are still affordable.

Causing a stir – Martinis

While this century’s Roaring 20s got off to a slow start, post-pandemic socialising is not only celebrating renewed freedoms but seeing renewed interest in a classic cocktail – the Martini.

While it’s a drink synonymous with elegance and exclusivity, the Martini’s likeness to the ‘common’ gin and tonic has helped it to reach new consumers. Its classic base of gin enhanced with sweet, herby vermouth and garnishes of botanicals are reminiscent of the more mainstream G&T.

These similarities, coupled with a Martini’s clean, classy and simple aesthetic, have helped to capture new fans.

The cocktail is perfect for those wanting added experience and extravagance from their drinks too.

As well as sampling classic Martinis – combining a gin or vodka base with dry vermouth and adding a garnish of lemon twist or olives – drinkers are opting for more adventurous combinations. Just as dirty Martinis boldly swap out the olive for olive brine, a Gibson adds in pickled onion as garnish, while other variations add in Mezcal or herbal infusions.

The latest pop-star – Dirty Sodas

Martinis aren’t the only ‘dirty’ drinks trending this summer. So-called dirty sodas are on the rise thanks to popstar Olivia Rodrigo’s social media post with one earlier this year.

The ‘dirty’ in sodas typically comes in the form of sweet fruit purees, syrups, creams or dessert-style toppings clouding the fizzy pop.

Dirty sodas originated in conservative Utah, where alcohol- or stimulant-based drinks are discouraged amongst the predominantly Mormon population. In their place, sweet sodas enhanced with extras stepped in.

Dirty sodas also appeal to consumers seeking to personalise their drinks, building their own unique concoctions. As well as sweet, sugary additions, dirty sodas can be ramped up with extra colour, through bright infusions, or extra energy, with energy drink bases. The ‘naughty’ feel can be balanced out by adding whole or puréed fruit too.

However, as the name suggests, dirty sodas are all about satisfying guilty pleasures. So it was perhaps inevitable they would eventually fly in the face of their origins and see spirits added to them.

No reservations – Hotel Bars

High spirits are behind a growing drink trend that prioritises place as highly as produce.

Hotel bars are increasingly the venue of choice for drinkers seeking sophisticated settings or enjoying ‘staycations’.

With socialising publicly still feeling like a privilege after two years of on/off lockdowns and restrictions, it’s no surprise that drinkers are more choosy on where they spend their time. Where you go is as important as what you drink or eat.

Often offering unusual themes or a snapshot of luxury living, hotel bars tick the boxes for people wanting adventure that’s still affordable.

They can also be a hotbed for innovation and inspiration. Menus tend to be more premium or specialist as the ‘anything goes’ ambience hotel bars offer makes visitors more comfortable to sample new beverage trends.

Starting setting the next drink trends

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Source TrendHub @TheFoodPeople 2022

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