Cola Syrup – the food manufacturer’s secret to best-selling dishes

March 21, 2022

Glazed meat

Already the number one soft drink flavour across the world, cola syrup is increasingly being used by commercial food manufacturers as a secret ingredient to enhance the flavour of countless dishes popular with consumers.


For delicious marinades, glazes and sauces guaranteed to boost sales

The sweetness of cola syrup means it is able to add a fabulous flavour to sauces and marinades, especially when mixed with spices, taking recipes to new heights.  A combination of cola and bourbon makes an exquisite marinade for steaks or spare ribs, or adding cola to a barbecue sauce to eat with rich meat dishes, really can make all the difference.  Cola and mustard glazed ham is an extremely popular dish, perfectly suited to family gatherings.  The glaze combines mustard, brown sugar and cola to give a delicious sweet and savoury flavour.  It may come as a surprise, but cola syrup even tastes great in meatballs giving a rich, deep, full-bodied taste, when added to the sauce.


Slow-cooked meat dishes

Cola has a great, tenderizing effect on meat.  The acidity in the cola breaks the meat down which means it simply falls off the bone after cooking.  It can add an exquisite, rich flavour to both slow cooked beef and pork, helping to make the meat deliciously sweet and tender for pure melt-in the mouth-bliss.  Even adding cola to burgers can make them extra tender too!


Makes the ultimate sticky chicken

Chicken wings are a popular and delicious appetizer, adding cola to the glaze, together with soy sauce, a little cinnamon and ginger helps to make a seriously sticky, lip-smacking treat.


Perfect in plant-based dishes

More people than ever before are opting to follow a plant-based diet with more than 600,000 participating in Veganuary worldwide in 2022.*  It’s worth pointing out that cola syrup tastes great in vegetarian and vegan dishes too – most notably with tofu.  Cola syrup helps to give a rich flavour to dishes such as ‘Sweet and Spicy Cola Tofu’, caramelising to give a sweet, sticky finish.


Tastes great in desserts too!

Cola syrup is not only a secret ingredient in savoury dishes.  It can also ensure desserts taste dreamy too.  Cola syrup offers a more unusual topping or flavouring for ice cream.  It is also the perfect addition to chocolate or carrot cake recipes, ensuring they are always rich and moist.


Cola syrup supplied in large volumes for commercial manufacturing

At Simpsons we are experts in supplying concentrated cola syrup, in standard and zero sugar varieties, that is perfectly suited for use in commercial food manufacturing.  Available in a choice to commercial pack sizes to suit your requirement.


Get in touch today, to discuss your requirement, we would love to hear from you.

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