Benefits of working with an Investors in People Gold accredited drink manufacturer

May 24, 2023

Investors In People

Excellent products require excellent people and processes.  At Simpson’s Beverages we hold an Investors in People Gold standard for our commitment to our people, who ensure the right processes deliver the best products.

Investors in People (IIP) is a benchmark for people management. As a globally recognised accreditation it signals to all stakeholders – whether prospective or current employees, customers or suppliers – that a holder invests in its team. And in doing so, award holders enjoy wider business benefits, typically seeing improved productivity, project management, and communication.

Learn more about the benefits of working with, or for, a drink manufacturer holding an IIP award:

What is the criteria for Investors in People?

IIP offers an assessment and feedback process for companies to understand and improve how they attract, develop and retain talented team members.

There are four levels available – Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum – all assessed against the same criteria. Assessments consider how an organisation is Leading, Supporting and Improving its people, through:

  • Leading – Reviewing the organisations values and behaviours, how employees are lead and inspired, and how employees are empowered and involved;
  • Supporting – Assessing how performance is managed, recognised and rewarded, and how work is structured;
  • Improving – Considering how the organisation builds capabilities, delivers continuous improvement, and ensures sustainable success.

Award holders typically use the findings to further improve processes internally as well as  promote their level and commitment to learning and growing externally.

What accreditation does Simpsons Beverage hold?

Simpsons Beverages was first accredited with IIP in 2015 and again in 2018, before being awarded an Investors in People Gold standard in 2021. Securing IIP Gold places Simpsons Beverages in the top 5% of companies assessed.

What are the benefits of an Investors in People accreditation for employees?

An accreditation primarily verifies and rates the standards of communication and management structures for employees.

This offers benefits around reliable communication and clear processes and structures, all offering improved job satisfaction. It also ensures employees have both the freedom and motivation to work innovatively and efficiently.

Employees of an IIP accredited organisation can expect:

  • Empowerment & Values – Working with a values-led organisation and being empowered to lead, or be included in, decision-making or goal-setting.
  • Recognition & Reward – Being able to work efficiently and supported, and having efforts and expertise recognised and rewarded.
  • Growth & Longevity – Enjoying increased opportunities to achieve new work-based ambitions or goals, and job security.

What are the benefits of an Investors in People accreditation for customers?

Accreditations like IIP demonstrate a holder’s commitment to internationally agreed high standards of working, to deliver good service and reliable, safe products.

Customers benefit from a holder’s IIP Gold standard by being able to work alongside experienced, expert team members, who have a depth and breadth of knowledge.

An Investors in People award demonstrates to customers a holders’:

  • Experience & expertise – Engaged and motivated employees deliver great customer service and develop a wealth of industry knowledge to share with customers.
  • Productivity – Organisations that invest in their people are 17% more productive, Investors in People has found – making for reliable, efficient suppliers for customers.
  • Reliability – An IIP accreditation also indicates to customers that a holder is futureproofed – 60% of IIP holders predict business growth, compared to a UK average of 47%. For drinks brands, competing with the challenges of price inflation and supply chain challenges, an IIP award offers reassurances they are working with a reliable, sustainable supplier.
  • Innovation – When used as a business development tool – for organisations to better understand their people and work – IIP can drive innovation by improving performance and fostering trust and autonomy for teams.

 Caleb Simpson, Managing Director of Simpson’s Beverages, commented: “Our people are our lifeblood. As a third-generation family firm good relationships have been key to our successes over the years; growing from being a local supplier to an industry leader with global reach.

“We foster these relationships by coupling good, open communication with clear process management and a passion for product innovation.

“We’re proud to hold the Investors in People Gold standard and trust the value of this is felt by our customers and suppliers as much as our employees.”

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