Why should I use a BRCGS certified supplier for my drink brand?

April 26, 2022

BRCGS certified

The benefits of working with BRCGS certified suppliers:

Creating great food and drink requires more than just the right balance of tasty flavours and quality ingredients. The right processes must also be followed, to deliver goods safely and legally.

Manufacturers need to consider authenticity, quality, compliance and safety when producing goods, both to meet customers high expectations and enjoy a range of commercial benefits.

The Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards set out how food and drink brands must operate as they produce, store, distribute and sell goods.

What is the Global Standard for Food Safety?

The Global Standard for Food Safety sets out the authenticity,legal, safety and quality obligations of businesses working with food and drink. It sets out how foods, ingredients and produce should be prepared. Widely accepted around the world, it is a basic requirement of retailers, manufacturers and food service organisations alike.

As well as providing protection for consumers – ensuring the quality of the goods we consume – the standard provides protection for holders’ brands and reputation.

Who sets the Global Standard for Food Safety?

The standard is set by the BRCGS – the initialism stands for Brand Reputation through Compliance of Global Standards – a worldwide brand and consumer protection scheme. This was founded by British retailers keen to set shared food safety standards for the benefits of producers, their supply chains, and consumers alike.

The standard is regularly reviewed and revised to keep pace with industry developments and, ultimately, protect consumers. Its framework offers a workable model to manage product authenticity safety, integrity, legality and quality. It also sets out the operational controls required for food and food ingredient manufacturing, processing and packing.

Working alongside industry leaders, BRCGS have now developed eight editions which guide businesses on how to become BRCGS certified.

What’s required to become BRCGS certified?

To achieve BRCGS certification, producers and manufacturers must undertake a robust assessment process. Applicants can attend training sessions and complete a self-assessment before undertaking a certification audit with independent assessors. Completion of the five-step process indicates a holder’s commitment to holding themselves to high standards.

Accreditation demonstrates to customers and supply chains that a holder follows BRCGS guidance for controls and compliance around:

  • production and processes
  • storage and distribution
  • and trade of goods.

What benefits does BRCGS offer a drink brand?

Being, or working with, a BRCGS certified brand – offers a number of commercial benefits. Primarily, it offers financial and reputational benefits, demonstrating to retailers, manufacturers and suppliers that products are safe for sale thanks to the legal and quality procedures followed in the production, processing and packing of their ingredients.

BRCGS certified brands and businesses are proven to perform better than non-certified suppliers, according to independent research.

A study in 2021 by the Birkbeck University of London found that brands accredited to the Global Standard for Food Safety enjoy “extensive and positive business impacts”. This includes improved “food safety, operational efficiency, commercial growth, profitability and innovation”.

Since the BRCGS standard is accepted by 70% of the top 10 global retailers and 60% of the top 10 quick-service restaurants it ensures products will be accepted by popular retailers and vendors and trusted by consumers. It is also accepted by 50% of the top 25 manufacturers globally.

Working with BRCGS certified suppliers assures retailers and manufacturers that the same high standards of health and safety they follow are understood and adhered to at every level of their supply chain.

At Simpson’s we’re proud to hold the BRCGS grade AA* certification for food safety. 

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