A diversification opportunity for farmers and dairies – flavoured milk

March 21, 2022

flavoured milk

Flavoured milk is growing in popularity

Whilst ‘white’ milk continues to dominate the market, it has experienced a decline in value. This is in contrast to the flavoured milk category, which continues to grow in popularity*. Flavoured milk production therefore offers an attractive opportunity for UK Dairy Farmers looking to diversify in order to maintain volume and margins on their milk. This is something that’s particularly pressing for many farmers across the UK, as the full implications of Brexit on the dairy industry still remain uncertain.

A drink suited to the health and wellness megatrend

There are a number of reasons behind the popularity of flavoured milk.  Health and wellness is a megatrend that shows no signs of slowing, particularly given the aftermath of Covid19.  Flavoured milk is viewed by parents as a great way to get the goodness of milk into their children, with health cited as an important factor influencing the purchasing decision of one in three flavoured milk buyers.*

New launches of luxury flavoured milk varieties

The flavoured milk category has also seen the launch of a number of new products centred around more luxurious, often dessert inspired flavours. These have found particular resonance amongst a younger audience and those looking to treat themselves and lift their spirits, particularly in the face of recent events.

Milkshake syrup for milk vending machines

Milk vending machines are a relatively recent phenomenon, which are proving to be extremely popular. They have particular support from consumers keen to shop local and for whom provenance is important. Milk vending machines offer an easy way for dairy farmers, without their own bottling facility, to sell flavoured milk directly to the consumer.

Simpsons milkshake syrups for the perfect flavoured milk

At Simpsons Beverages we produce premium quality milkshake syrups in an extensive range of flavours. Our classic flavours include strawberry, chocolate, banana and vanilla. Alternatively, we offer a growing selection of luxury flavours including gingerbread, white chocolate, banoffee and lots more!  Our syrups are suitable for use by milk processing plants or farmers who bottle their own milk. Simply blend with milk before bottling in the usual way for the perfect flavoured milk. They are also suitable for use alongside milk vending machines.


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