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The ‘Hard’ or ‘Spiked’ Seltzer is a mix of sparkling water, alcohol and juice or natural fruit flavourings.  Combining clean labelling and little indulgence, they are the perfect serve for today’s increasingly health conscious consumers.  Ideal for today’s market place where health and wellness is the new ‘premium’.

A Low Sugar Alternative

Sugar tops the list of nutritional concerns amongst the UK population.  As a matter of fact, 47% of consumers are working to minimise their sugar intake (Mintel, 2018).  Similarly, people are increasingly informed about the high-sugar content of many mixers, beer, wine and fruit flavoured ciders.  Hard Seltzers offer a great tasting, lower sugar and lower calorie alternative.  With a sugar content of just 1g/100ml and under 100 calories/250ml serving.  Interested in adding Hard Seltzers to your range? Why not get in touch today to arrange samples?

Hard Seltzer or Hard Sparkling Water

Whilst the term ‘Seltzer’ is not widely recognised in the UK marketplace, alternative descriptors such as ‘Hard Sparkling Water’ are being used, giving the consumer an easier understanding of the category.  In addition, this builds on the recent popularity of sparkling water within the UK market.

Unisex appeal amongst Millennials

Hailed as the drink of summer ’19 in the US, where its unisex appeal proved key to its success.  Its core target audience is body-conscious millennials for whom self-care is a top priority.  Read more about the tremendous success of the Hard Seltzer in the US market in our blog.

ReFreshing Flavours

Popular flavours include lemon, lime, mango and black cherry, whilst more exotic combinations range from apple, ginger and acai berry to elderflower, lemon and mint.  At Simpsons our NPD team have years of experience in developing exciting new flavour sensations.  Get in touch today.

No-Added Alcohol Option

The rise of mindful drinking combined with a record number of adults claiming to not drink at all, means that it makes sense to include a non-alcoholic option to your range.  With all the flavour, just none of the alcohol, it’s a soft option your customers will love.

introducing the wine seltzer

This summer will also see the launch of the wine seltzer. A blend of sparkling water, white wine and fruit flavours, they are the ideal choice for hot, sunny days.

Talk to us about your next project

Simpsons have developed and produced a huge range of syrups for bottlers and brands.  These are diluted and mixed with alcohol before packaging.  Are you looking to extend into the Seltzer space?  Simply let us know which flavours you require and we can arrange samples.  After that, we work with you to fine tune your range until you have the perfect product to launch.  All nutritional information and specifications are provided.  Chat with one of our NPD experts today

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