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Flavored lemonade offers a premium and sophisticated alternative to its classic counterpart. Incredibly versatile, it is equally appealing as both a soft drink and spirit mixer. A relatively recent phenomenon, it offers a growing opportunity for your drink brand. Choose from our huge range of flavors, available for supply as liquid compounds. Perfect for large scale commercial bottling or canning.

A Variety of Flavors

Popular choices of flavored lemonade take their inspiration from an English Country Garden such as rose, raspberry, elderflower and cucumber. We also offer a selection of American inspired flavored lemonades, particularly popular with younger consumers. These include Blue Lemonade, Kiwi, Melon and Pineapple and Peach.  Contact us today to arrange samples.

Supplied Ready for Bottling

Producing your own range of bottled or canned flavored lemonade could not be simpler, thanks to the team at Simpsons. All our flavored lemonades are available for supply as pre-mixed liquid compounds. These included all the ingredients required to produce your drink. Just mix with water before packing.  Get in touch to chat with us about your next project.

Flavoured Lemonade Wholesale Supply - Simpsons Beverages

An Attractive Premium Option

Research by CGA found that the premium drinks category is growing post lock-down, with almost half of consumers willing to pay more for a high quality serves, building on the longer-term trend towards premiumization. In addition, trips to the pub are likely to become more of an occasion with consumers treating themselves to something a bit special.

The Perfect Accompaniment to Gin

The popularity of gin shows no sign of slowing, so providing a range of mixers to cater for the growing demand from consumers is important. A selection of flavored lemonades can add both color and variety to gin boosting its appeal and rate of sale, keeping customers coming back for more.

gin and raspberry flavored lemonade - Simpsons Beverages

An Appealing No-Alcohol Alternative

Flavored lemonades are also an attractive, premium adult soft drink for the growing number of consumers choosing to follow the ‘Low or No’ trend, yet still looking to treat themselves.

No-Added Sugar Options Available

All our flavored lemonades are also available with no-added sugar. Perfectly suited to the growing number of consumers looking to reduce their sugar consumption.

Eye-catching and Instagrammable

The striking shades across our flavored lemonade range further enhances its appeal. This particularly attracts Millennials and Generation Z in search of multi-sensory experiences, that they are keen to share with their friends on Instagram.

Flavored Lemonade Range - Simpsons Beverages

just add alcohol for a ready to drink cocktail

All our flavoured lemonade compounds can be create delicious and refreshing ready to drink cocktails.  Simply mix with water and alcohol before canning or bottling.

Also Available as Post Mix Syrup

We also supply flavoured lemonade as post mix syrup in bag in box for draught dispense.  Read more about dispensed drink solutions from Simpsons Beverages.

Quality Guaranteed Time After Time

At Simpsons we are proud to be BRC accredited, which guarantees consistency in every batch we produce.  We are dedicated to being a reliable supply partner you can trust, delivering on time, every time.  Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.  We would love to hear from you.

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