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Research conducted by Mintel has reported that 61% of consumers say they would try a new flavour if a friend, relative or bartender recommended it! Flavour innovation has been extremely successful in many alcoholic drinks categories.  And with the more recent explosion in the popularity of gin there is a huge potential to invest in a unique flavours for gin or gin liqueurs.

British drinkers are quaffing gin in record amounts. An article in the Guardian reported that annual gin sales rose 16% to smash through the £1bn barrier for the first time in the UK, leading the drink industry to declare 2016 the “year of gin!”


With our readiness to try out new flavours in alcoholic drinks coupled with gin’s rise in popularity set to continue.  Why not consider creating something a bit different, giving consumers new ways to enjoy their spirit of choice?

Popular flavours are fruits (raspberry, orange), floral (violet, rose), or spices (such as ginger and cinnamon) and it is relatively simple for us here at Simpsons Beverages to create something intriguing and appealing to the public’s taste buds.


In this time of mass marketing and heavy competition it is important to continuously innovate to stand out and there is no better way than lifting the flavour of this nation’s favourite to new heights by creating a special tasting tipple to suit any time of day or year.

Mixologist flavoured Alcoholic drinks

We enjoy experimenting with flavours at Simpsons Beverages and our Liquid Innovation range of flavourings for alcoholic drinks including liqueurs and gins will inspire and excite even the most educated of taste-buds.

At Simpsons we can help you formulate your perfect drink. Be the origin of the next big flavour and contact us today.  We’ll drink to that!

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