Vodka Flavour House

Simpsons Beverages is a vodka flavour house that is amongst the best in the industry when it comes to formulation and development.  That’s why we are proud to count some of the UK’s largest vodka brands, bottlers and canning companies amongst our ever-growing customer-base. 

Our MOQ is 500 litres/flavour (circa 3000 litres of RTD). This is typically not recommended for start up companies.

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Vodka Flavours

Our best-selling vodka flavours are inspired by classic fruits including mango, cherry, red berry, pineapple, green apple

Novelty and bolder flavours include – chilli, marshmallow and salted caramel

All our vodka flavours perform equally well in the manufacture of both standard flavoured vodka (40% ABV) and vodka liqueurs (20% ABV).

All our vodka flavours perform equally well in the manufacture of both standard flavoured vodka (40% ABV) and vodka liqueurs (20% ABV).

A vodka flavour house offering almost limitless possibilities

Adding some new, alluring vodka flavours to your range could not be easier thanks to the NPD team at Simpsons Beverages. Inspired by the very latest flavour trends from around the world, our team of mixologists based at our in-house innovation centre, can work together with you through each stage of product creation.

From flavour generation to sampling, and production we can help you bring your product to fruition quickly and with ease.  What’s more you can be assured we are always on hand to offer technical advice when required and to guide you through the complexities of drinks industry legislation.

Our customers are at the heart
of everything we do

With 90 years’ experience in drinks development and manufacturing, we are a vodka flavour house you can trust.  We always put our customers first, delivering outstanding customer service that you can depend on.  

Liquid flavour compounds streamline your manufacturing process

Each vodka flavour we produce is supplied as a pre-blended liquid flavour compound. A single solution, that contains all the ingredients you need to produce your flavoured vodka. Simply dilute with water and blend with vodka before bottling. This removes the need for you to organise lots of ingredients with multiple lead times and expiry dates and ensures consistency of flavour time after time… giving you less to worry about.

Compounds are the smarter choice
for drinks manufacturing

One ingredient to source and manage

Reduces the need to manage multiple suppliers and ingredients

Exact amount of compound required is delivered for your production run

Prevents waste and the need to manage surplus ingredients

Risk of costly mistakes is reduced

Gives you peace of mind

Streamlines your manufacturing process

Saves time and costs incurred by in house blending

Enables best practice as followed by brand leaders

Ensures brand consistency

Delivery synchronised with your bottling schedule

Enables just in time manufacturing.  Limited effort to analyse incoming goods

Our sampling service
guarantees 100% confidence.

Our sampling service enables you to ‘try before you buy’. We deliver ‘ready to taste’ samples in a matter of days.  Your feedback enables us to make any necessary amendments, where required, until you are completely satisfied with the final formulation. 

What’s more, these concept drink samples help you to engage with new buyers and prospects before production takes place.. 

Range of commercial pack sizes to suit your production requirements

We supply all our compounds as a concentrated liquid/syrup with a dilution ratio to suit your production needs. Container sizes include 25L & 220L barrels or 1000L IBCs. 

Outstanding technical support

We offer all our customers technical support and are always just a phone call away to help answer any questions. We always include a gold seal sample with your first batch to enable product verification ensuring your production run goes as smoothly as possible. A member of our technical team can even attend the production of your first batch if required.

Exceptional product quality and consistency guaranteed

We are BRCGS accredited, which ensures consistency in every batch we produce. What’s more, we purchase our raw materials from suppliers who hold one of the GFSI recognised certifications.  All our products are blended from only the finest ingredients. We only source materials of the highest quality, from the top flavour houses and suppliers.

The water used in our manufacturing process is triple filtered to remove all impurities and chlorine, before passing through an ultra-violet filter.  In addition, our exceptional levels of quality control means that every batch is micro-analysed by an independent laboratory and has full traceability with a certificate of conformity.

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