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At Simpsons we develop and manufacture bespoke beer flavours used in large scale, commercial manufacturing.

Our customer base includes established breweries, craft brewers and beer brands with a proven route to market, together with bottling and canning plants.

Our MOQ is 500L/flavour (circa 3000 litres RTD), this is not recommended for start ups or micro-breweries.

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Flavoured beer is a fast-growing market, offering an attractive diversification opportunity for breweries.  At Simpsons we offer an almost endless list of flavour combinations that can help to drive future growth of your brand and really give you the edge over the competition.

Our flavours are supplied as ready-to-mix liquid compounds containing all the ingredients to manufacture your flavoured beer in a concentrated form – simply dilute with water before blending and then can or bottle in the usual way.  All flavours are individually created to specifically enhance the naturally occurring flavours in your beer. 

Fruit-based, natural or artificial flavours can be supplied either coloured or clear to complement the profile of your beer.  Whether it’s the florals from hops or richness of wheat and malt. Tart citruses work in sour beers, while sweet flavours in rich stouts can emulate confectionary favourites

Simpsons’ is at the very forefront of the drinks industry when it comes to innovation. 

Simpsons is at the very forefront of the drinks industry when it comes to innovation. 

Why you should use liquid compounds to flavour beer

Aside from the sheer simplicity of using just one ingredient to flavour your beer, which streamlines your manufacturing process, liquid compounds offer a host of other benefits.  They give you complete control over the flavour of the finished product, instead of relying on the seasonality of fruits, which can all too often, lead to inconsistencies. What’s more, because our compounds are all completely bespoke, they can be easily adjusted, where required, to ensure they fit perfectly with the profile of your beer, guaranteeing you are always 100% happy with the finished product.  

In addition, sourcing and managing just one ingredient can enhance your production speed, which in turn helps you to deliver your products to market at a much faster rate.  Finally, liquid flavour compounds are also sure to slash your operating costs, as they remove the requirement for you to buy multiple juices and fruits from various suppliers.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do

With 90 years’ experience in drink development and manufacturing, Simpsons Beverages is a name you trust. We always put our customers first, delivering outstanding customer service that you can rely on. 

We offer all our customers technical support and are always just a phone call away to help answer any questions. We always include a gold seal sample with your first batch to enable product verification ensuring your production run goes as smoothly as possible. A member of our technical team can even attend the production of your first batch if required.

Experts in flavour innovation

Flavour innovation is at the heart of Simpsons’ heritage which means we are equipped to compete with the industry’s finest when it comes to revolutionary drink development. As such, the in-depth knowledge of our NPD team is second to none, which means we are perfectly placed to steer you through the complexities of the development process, ensuring your finished product reaches the market quickly and with ease, giving you complete peace of mind.

Buy with confidence

Our sampling service offers you ready to taste samples of concept drinks, enabling you to ‘try before you buy’ for guaranteed product satisfaction time after time. 

Your feedback enables us to amend recipes where required until you are completely happy with the final recipe. What’s more, ready to taste samples of concept drinks help you to engage with new buyers and prospects.

Available in a choice of commercial pack sizes to suit your manufacturing requirements

All compounds are supplied as a concentrated liquid/syrup with a dilution ratio to suit your production capabilities.   Choose from a selection of container sizes according to your requirements: 25L & 220L barrels or 1000L IBCs.  

Exceptional product quality and consistency guaranteed

We are BRCGS accredited, which ensures consistency in every batch we produce. What’s more, we purchase our raw materials from suppliers who hold one of the GFSI recognised certifications. All our products are blended from only the finest ingredients. We only source materials of the highest quality, from the top flavour houses and suppliers.

The water used in our manufacturing process is triple filtered to remove all impurities and chlorine, before passing through an ultra-violet filter. In addition, our exceptional levels of quality control means that every batch is micro-analysed by an independent laboratory and has full traceability with a certificate of conformity.

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