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Here at Simpsons we are extremely proud to introduce our new range of Boutique Flair Tonics, which have been created by experts to maximise your drinking and mixing experience. Using our years of knowledge and expertise, built over the years since 1934, we have benchmarked the best of the best Mixers in Europe and created this Quintessentially British range of Tonics.

Crafted with the aim of delighting your senses, every element of our Flair Tonics will add a new dimension to your enjoyment. So whether you go solo, or mix with Alcohol, you can guarantee that you will taste the difference in every drop!

Three quarters of a G&T is the tonic water so don’t spoil a classic, refreshing drink with a substandard mixer.  We have five great flavours to choose from: The Original Classic Tonic; Diet Tonic; Blue Tonic, Pink Tonic with Pomegranate & Elderflower and our latest addition is Elderflower. With a clean, subtle and balanced taste these authentic flavours give a perfect finish.

Only the best quality Botanical Extracts and Natural Fruit Oils have been used in these superlative, Premium Mixers to provide optimum refreshment, on their own with Ice and a Slice, or mixed with your favourite tipple. All flavours are available on draught dispense for your bar.

Contact us today to request your free samples +44 01253 766333.

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Selection of drinks: banana milkshake, cola, flair cocktail and blue raspberry slush


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