Are you wanting to build your own brand and have a slush range tailored for your audience?  We manufacture fizzy slush syrups with your brand on to help differentiate you in today’s competitive market.  Our fizzy slush syrups are unrivalled for taste and quality.

One key international trend across both food and drinks categories for 2018 is the concept of added texture. An extra crunch, pop or fizz to add to your taste experience. Of course, slush already has great texture, though fizzy slush adds that extra dimension of excitement to really tangle taste buds! At Simpsons our new product development team have recently created an amazing range of fizzy slush that is available for high volume outlets in the UK and across the globe, with your own unique branding added. The flavour range includes green tropical, mango & orange, mixed fruit, raspberry & cherry.

Carbonated slush is a must for high volume outlets looking for a drink that delivers big sales and big profits, available in 10L bag in box with your branding on.

Improve your soft drinks range, contact us today to request samples of our syrup & discuss why fizzy slush is in such big demand!

Email us today to request your free sample: [email protected] or click here

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