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Without a doubt, our most popular post mix syrups are the classic favourites.  They include Cola, Lemonade, Fizzy Orange, Lemon & Lime, Sparkling Orange Juice and Sparkling Apple Juice.  Typically forming the core, draught dispense offering at bars, cafes and restaurants across the globe, they are frequently the flavours of choice for young and old alike.

Sugar Free post mix syrups

Today’s consumers are increasingly concerned over health and wellness.  Sugar is the number one nutritional concern, with 47% of consumers working to minimize their sugar intake.  At Simpsons sugar-free or ‘diet’ alternatives are available for all our post mix syrups.  We also offer the option of sweetening with Stevia, a 100% natural alternative with zero calories.


Sugar Tax Friendly

Keen to avoid the sugar-tax?  Our range of hybrid post mix syrups may be just what you are looking for.  They have a lower sugar content than our standard syrups but don’t compromise on taste.  They also perform exceptionally well against full-sugar products in blind taste tests. This is an extremely popular product, stocked by countless outlets across the globe.  Check out our sugar tax calculator to determine if your drink could face an additional levy.


Specialists in Flavour Matching

The NPD team at Simpsons have a wealth of experience in creating post mix syrups, almost indistinguishable from the leading brands.  Simply let us know which product you would like us to match and we will do the rest!  Interested? Get in touch today to chat to our flavour experts.


Branded packaging

All our post mix syrups are available to be packed in 10 litre bag in box featuring your brand.  Simply supply us with your design, or we can even design labels for you.


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Selection of drinks: banana milkshake, cola, flair cocktail and blue raspberry slush


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