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The cocktail revolution continues to bring pleasure to millions, whilst shaping the menus of many bars, restaurants and hotels alike, accounting for 75% of UK bar sales! As the cocktail landscape continues to change, the latest cocktail trends indicate there’s a real thirst for calorie light and gin-based cocktails. Plus customers seek out not only new flavour experiences but experiences that are “guilt free”.

Ginaissance, the future of Brunch?

The Gin revival is very much in full swing, allowing gin lovers to rejoice and explore the growing range of craft gins. From the Gin Mar Espresso Flip to the Hotel Street, coffee and tea based cocktails offer a new taste experience every time and are ideal for brunch. Or how about the Flying Scotsman, gin infused with lychee liqueur, lemon juice and agave syrup and served in a billy can, creating a whole raft of memorable moments for cocktail drinkers.

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Gin, a juniper-flavoured spirit, offers a base to many classic and new cocktails, which can be shaped to create new exciting cocktail combination across the whole taste spectrum with the use of mixers. Mixers offer endless possibilities and are an integral part of every cocktail, from pineapple to grapefruit fizz, there’s a taste for everyone. With over half of the UK adult population without a favourite cocktail, there’s a wrath of opportunities to create new taste experiences.

Healthy Living, made possible with low calorie natural cocktails

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Low Calorie cocktails are very much a growing trend, inspired by healthy living, while still pursuing a thirst for flavour experiences and cutting back on alcohol intake.  Taste and flavour are very much at the forefront of cocktail trends, the consumption of vegetables and vegetable juices as cocktail ingredients is a growing trend. This hallmarks to the move away from the “weird and wonderful” to more natural based flavoured cocktails.

Classical Cocktail Revival

The growth of low-calorie and sugar free cocktails calls for the revival of classic vintage cocktails. A simple blend of rum, syrup and lemon peeling, earmarking back to the original cocktails of the 1800’s. Or a classic margarita, spiced up with a simple change of juice and syrup, the possibilities of this classic drink are endless. Classic cocktails such as Mojitos continue to go from strength to strength as a result of healthy living, with the removal of sugar and premade sugar tastic mixes a return to natural ingredients, continuing to shape bar menus.

Today’s day cosmopolitan variants weigh in at under 150 calories as bar tenders are diversifying classic ranges to meet changing consumer thirst and healthy palates. Mixers offer bartenders the ability to create a staggering number of appetising and quality cocktails that can give your bar menu the edge.

High Quality Mixers

Mixers can fundamentally change the taste and look of any cocktail. At Simpsons Beverages we offer a vast array of cocktail mixers, perfect for every season from quality craft colas to the more classical Dandelion and Burdock, perfect for any bar, restaurant or hotel. Produce perfect cocktails with our flair cocktail essential syrups, or together we can create your own perfect beverage range. Contact Simpsons Beverages today to begin your taste journey.

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