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We are a global soft drinks company that manufactures and distributes beverages all over the world.  We have a wealth of experience in supplying different drinks in a range of pack sizes & formulations to suit different cultures & climates.  Our syrups are distributed to countries as far as Australia, Africa, India and Europe.  We work alongside our customers to help them bring new products & innovations to the market and support them to increase their sales & profit.  We invite you to become our global soft drinks partner.


We have been soft drink manufacturers since 1934 and our slush syrup is world renowned for its taste and quality.  We can develop new flavour ranges or match existing ones.  We successfully distribute a highly concentrated 1+9 slush range into Europe as well as 1+5 and 1+7.  With a range of over 20 flavours, including delicious flavours such as Mango, Forest Fruits, Mint, Peach Iced tea and many more.  These are all packed in 5L bottles or 10L bag in box slush with your brand on and sent out in pallet quantities.  Just get in touch to request a sample from our extensive range.

post mix drinks to suit your culture

We offer an exciting range of Post mix, including the traditional, classic flavours and the more unique, hand crafted mixers and cordials.  We have experience in distributing own branded post mix syrup all over Europe, the range includes Cola’s, Lemonade, Energy drinks, Iced Tea, Cordials and Juice drinks.  We can develop a bespoke post mix range for your brand to suit your culture, brand values and customers.  With the popularity of themed food outlets and eateries it inspired us to develop drinks that enhance the dining experience and complement the food that they’re served with.  Choose from our Root Beers, Grapefruit Soda, Cherryade, Cream Soda and Craft Cola.   All our post mix is packed in 10L’s with a range of connectors to choose from and distributed in pallet quantities.  Interested in sampling from our range?  Contact us today, we’d be delighted to discuss a global partnership with you.


Here at Simpsons we love developing drinks, simply tell us the flavour or drink you’d like and we can develop it for you.  We have a wealth of experience in developing alcoholic drinks, flavoured waters & soft drinks, health drinks, flavourings for gins, vodkas, liqueurs and many more!  Our syrups can be packed in a variety of pack sizes from 5L’s up to 1000L IBC’s.  We can help you formulate new, or match existing drinks concepts with comprehensive product development; breaking the mould of convention whilst still stringently adhering to legislation, with a sampling and matching service to ensure confidence and satisfaction.  Ready to discuss your project and become a global partner?  Get in touch, we’d be delighted to discuss this with you.

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