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Our bag in box juice range is unrivalled for taste & quality.   It provides a quick, convenient and healthier option, with a single serving counting as one of your five a day.  Our range is perfectly suited for serving in juice dispense machines at education, healthcare or sports and leisure venues together with function suites, juice bars, cocktail bars, cafes and restaurants  It is already served at many high class locations throughout the UK and beyond.


The classic bag in box juice range includes Apple, Orange, Cranberry and Mixed Fruit. Alternatively, we have developed a selection of exotic flavours to meet the growing consumer demand for exciting taste sensations.  This includes: Apple & Mango, Orange & Peach, Summer Fruits, Orange & Passionfruit, or Apple & Raspberry.  All our juices are available to be served still or sparkling.  They can be dispensed in juice machines, post-mix towers or in glass drinks dispensers with taps.  Get in touch today to discuss your perfect juice range.


The New Product Development Team here at Simpsons have a wealth of experience in creating bespoke flavours for many companies.  As a world-renowned drinks manufacturer, we only source the highest quality juices for our bag in box juice range.  Maybe you would like us to develop a juice with a new and innovative flavour combination?  Simply talk to our experts about your requirements and we can work with you to create your perfect formulation.  Furthermore why not read our case study on a bespoke premium range we recently developed.


In the past, juices have faced the challenge of consumer concerns around high sugar content. This is a misconception and a perception that is starting to change. It is true that fruit is relatively high in sugar, but it contains fructose, which is only harmful in large amounts.  Consumers are wanting healthier lifestyles and are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits therefore are choosing fruit juice over carbonated beverages.  Read our drink trends blog here.


With increasing consumer awareness about the environment, together with a growing demand for zero-waste products, serving a bag in box juice range as opposed to single serve bottles will help your brand to minimise its carbon footprint.  Transport CO2 could be significantly reduced as 1 x 5 litre bag in box can yield 100 litres of drink or 500 x 200ml servings (based on a 1+ 19 dilution product) which means the number of delivery vehicles required on the road would be far less.  This would also reduce packaging waste.

JUICE DRINKS for Environmentally aware Schools

Our juices also offer the most environmentally friendly option for school drinks.  Supplied concentrated and dispensed directly into recyclable or reusable cups they can keep your school 100% plastic bottle free.  If your school is looking for ‘refill, not landfill’, get in touch with us today to discuss more details.  1000’s of schools are taking responsible action now, make sure you do too!

School Compliant JUICE

Our range of juice drinks adhere to UK school standard guidelines, with a minimum of 45% fruit content and no added sugar.  Our juice drinks can be manufactured to adhere to school standard guidelines in the UK, with a minimum of 45% fruit content and no added sugar.  Bursting with real fruit, they are a great way of getting healthy, natural goodness and vitamins into kids and they get a big thumbs up from vegetarians and vegans too!

Branded packaging

All our juice range is available to be packed in 5 litre or 10 litre bag in box with your brand on.

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